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About The Arkk Group

The Arkk Group, LLC is an organization that promotes community inclusion, independence and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential group homes, community-based day support, personal assistance, and personal care.


The Arkk Group, formerly known as Rosezanne’s Ark, LLC, was founded in 2008.  We are licensed and certified by the DBHDS.  The Arkk Group, LLC has sustained and developed a valuable relationship within the community.  We are committed to providing quality care for our individuals.  Our seasoned staff has many years of combined experience in direct-support care, mental health, and management services.  We develop plans that address the unique needs of our residents individually. We also collaborate with their parents, guardians, support coordinators, physicians, paraprofessionals, and others who are involved with their lives.



The Arkk Group, LLC’s vision is to be the leader in aiding individuals through the

channeling process of one day becoming self-independent.



The Arkk Group, LLC mission is to provide a safe haven for individual with intellectual disabilities.



The Arkk Group, LLC is structured around four areas:

To Extend Love

To Protect

To Guide

To Have Understanding



....Our people.

....Innovation, responsiveness and efficiency.

....Openness & Measurement-based decision making.

....A Challenging & professional work environment.



Helping individuals efficiently meet their objectives.

Develop and care for our individuals.

Use smart business practices to provide quality services.

Ensure that The Arkk Group, LLC has the right people to embrace our individuals.





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